Our Vision
To provide the highest level of Customer care and service unmatched in today’s rail industry. The level that each Customer deserves, and should demand.

Our Mission
Rail Easy Logistics Inc will strive to lighten the load of Customers under our care, providing a single point of contact for all their rail industry needs. “We will know your business, we will know your names, and we will make a difference.”

Rail Easy Logistics Inc
was founded on April 12, 2004 by Frank McCaskill and Rick Gould shortly after a major organizational restructuring at CSX. This allowed them to leave the company heads held high, creative juices flowing, and a vision to make a difference in the industry. During their combined 55+ years of railroad service they have held a variety of railroad positions giving them the right to say “We have survived just about everything.” Yard Checker, Crew Caller, Yardmaster, Assistant Train Master, Mobile Agent, Switch Tower Operator, Billing Clerk, Intermodal Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Director System Support, Manager Customer Operations, Manager and Director of Equipment Utilization just to name a few. When the consultants currently on retainer with Rail Easy Logistics Inc are added to the formula, we offer over 150 years of rail industry experience to assist serving our Customers.

Rail Easy Logistics Inc is headquartered in Jacksonville Florida and can be contacted to obtain more information by activating the Contact Us link anywhere on the web site.
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